ICT: Brokerage for Eurostars and EraSME

Brokerage workshop in Genk

An event set up to initiate new project ideas that could fit into the European funding programs especially dedicated for SMEs.


After a general introduction on Eurostars and EraSME, some project ideas were elaborated:

  • virtual engineer Mr. Reves. Knowledge rules are extracted from a product (relation between performance and design parameters) and implemented in Mr. Reves. Mr. Reves is able to generate an overview of solutions based on desired performance.
    Competencies or partners sought: softside: userinterface, way of presenting solutions, way of extraction of knowledge rules from people, \”webshop\”, training knowledge extractors
    • Building a multi disciplinary collection of surgical images and video. The project’s aim is to obtain an annotated collection of high-quality images and video from surgical interventions and to make it available to academic/industrial partners at a reasonable price.
      The collection enables and supports the development of intelligent video and image processing applications in the surgical environment, in early evaluation and validation of novel processing algorithms, as well as in building domain-specific computational models with machine learning techniques. The collection should be representative of a wide range of surgical disciplines, and annotated with clinical (discipline, pathology, …) and demographic metadata.
      Competencies and Partners sought: Technology developers sharing similar interests and academic hospitals 
    • Scalable fault tolerance. The company has the developed the core technology to develop high reliability,safety critical systems. We are looking for use case partners in the embedded domain who need a solution that combines scalabel, distributed control with fault tolerance.
      Competencies and Partners sought: Use case partner to take into account industrial boundary conditions.
    • AutoSE. Automating the organisational support for certifiable safety and systems engineering processes.
      Starting point: an open internet based plaftorm (called GÖdelWorks) that provides a framework covering from requirements to final product, with awareness of all process requirements of automotive and related safety standards.
      Work to do: create a process to extract existing organisational process and integrate the with the framework.
      Competencies and Partners sought: Use case partners and know-how in workflow and safety standards.

    All participants could introduce themselves. Discussions were then carried out in smaller groups. As a result of this brokerage event contacts for further cooperation were established. Anyone who is interested in these project ideas can still join and can contact the BDS supporter for ICT of his region.

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        Begin: Tuesday, 05. July 2011


        Stiemerheide Genk, Belgium

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