"Cross-border cluster stimulus" - Financing your cross-border business

The new GCS innovation fund targets at financing cross-border innovation projects between technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the Greater Euregio Meuse-Rhine area. It is furnished with an overall volume of 4.7 million €, providing subsidies for each innovation project between € 100,000 and 250,000. The funding is provided on the basis of a competition as non-repayable grants on condition that the partners involved put up at least the same amount as equity capital. The fund is aimed at SMEs in the fields of health/life sciences, high-tech systems (including sectors such as energy, information and communication technology, automotive, mechanical engineering) as well as advanced materials/chemistry.


Low-threshold offer…

Innovation projects are understood to mean cooperative projects of SMEs in the field of industrial research or experimental development. Consortia of at least two small or medium-sized enterprises from two different countries of theGreater Euregio Meuse-Rhine area (including the Leuven (B) and Eindhoven (NL) regions) can apply. Further partners, such as big companies, universities or research institutions may be involved in the joint innovation project. 


Clear standards and fast decision-making processes

Additional requirements couldn't be much simpler: Not more than three months will pass between submitting the application and the final decision. All applications will be evaluated by an international expert commission based on five criteria. The most important of these criteria is the market potential. The quicker an innovation is ready for the market, the better the chances to receive a grant. The level of innovation as well as the high-tech nature of the project, its regional, i.e. cross-border cooperative effect as well as the amount of own contribution by the companies themselves also play an important role. The maximum runtime of the innovation projects is 18 months.


The grant was awarded in two open tendering procedures in 2012 and 2013.  

Lots of companies from the Greater Euregio Meuse Rhine area were interested in receiving funding from the GCS innovation funds in the first GCS call already. In total 24 cross-border innovation consortia - with 89 project partners being involved - submitted their applications in the first GCS call furnished with 1,57 Mio. €. The majority of applications derived out of the field of Life Sciences (42 %) and  High-tech Systems (33%), followed by Energy (21%) and Advanced Materials (4%). More than 65 small and medium sized companies (SMEs) with an interest and demand in cross-border cooperation participated in the 24 applications.

Overview of projects funded by first GCS-call



MYDIAPATCH (project volume: € 0,69 Mio., funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

In this project Applied Biomedical Systems BV (Dutch Limburg) (Lead), van Engelen en Evers BV (Region of Eindhoven), CRB Benelux BV (Dutch Limburg) and 3T GmbH, (Region of Aachen) cooperate in order to develop a new kind of patch. This patch with diagnostics and monitoring functions should easily, reliably and widely be applied in the early diagnosis of patients with chronic disease.


LIVING HEART VALVES TOWARDS CLINICAL PRACTICE (project volume: € 0,74 Mio., funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

Xeltis BV (Region of Eindhoven) (Lead) cooperates with Medanex Clinic (Belgian Limburg) in order to develop a new generation of living and growing heart valves from the patients` own cells.


FAST FUNGAL DIAGNOSTICS (project volume: € 0,50 Mio., funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

PathoNostics BV (Dutch Limburg) (Lead), MagnaMedics GmbH (Region of Aachen), University Hospital Liège (Region Lüttich) and PathoFinder BV (Dutch Limburg) will join forces and develop a new diagnostic method, which allows the revolutionary fast diagnosis of infections with dermatophytes.


FLOOD WASHER (project volume: € 0,76 Mio., funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

In close cooperation MOERS GmbH (Region of Aachen) (Lead) und Vansichen Lineairtechniek bvba (Belgian Limburg) will produce a prototype of a vacuum cleaner, which can reliably remove residues from the production of industrial compacts from bores


EVERD Economical viable 22 tons truck for full electric regional distribution (project volume: € 0,69 Mio., funding: € 0,24 Mio.)

E-Trucks Europe bvb (Belgian Limburg) will work together with Hintzen Logistics GmbH (Region of Aachen) and Triphase (Region of Leuven). The aim is to develop and test an E-truck with proven technical and operational qualifications at significantly lower investment and operational costs. The key lies in the optimization of the battery design.


PERMIT – Performance enhancement of Micro Turbine based CHP systems (project volume: € 0,50 Mio., funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

Micro Turbine Technology BVB (Region of Eindhoven) (Lead), Leuven Air Bearings (Region of Leuven) and B&B Agema GmbH (Region of Aachen) will join forces in order to increase the isentropic degree of efficiency of compressors and turbines by at least 4% and the reduction of storage losses by 50 %. Hereby they aim at a netto increase of electrical efficiency from 15% to 20%, which means primary energy savings of more than 20%.


DENTINNO – Dental prostheses without borders! (project volume: € 0,96 Mio., funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

Ceradure Products BV (Dutch Limburg) (Lead) will cooperate with MDL Euregio BV and Esma NV (both from Belgian Limburg) as well as SSK Dentaltechnik (Region of Aachen) to develop innovative high-quality dental prostheses via digital design. They aim at the efficient and automated production of customized solutions.


SHAFT – Small Heat and Power Turbine (project volume: € 0,72 Mio., funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

In close cooperation Innecs Power Systems B.V. (Region of Eindhoven) (Lead), CCM BV und DutchAero BV (both from Region of Eindhoven), Open Engineering S.A. (Region of Liege) and AID Jeschke GmbH (Region of Aachen) will design, simulate and analyse the dynamic behaviour of an axle in a small power-heat turbine, working under supercritical conditions.




Overview of projects funded via second GCS-call

MODLAR (project volume: € 0,83 Mio.; funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

Van de Kreeke Beheer BV (Belgian Limburg), Cauberg-Huygen (Dutch Limburg), Urban Dots (Belgian Limburg), Hedach (German speaking Community of Belgium), Lambrechts (Province of Liège), Color-Daemmstein  (Dutch Limburg), Neber (Hogeschool Zuyd (Dutch Limburg) joined forces in order to realize an ambitious modular towards zero-energy houses.


DoseScan (project volume: € 0,52 Mio.; funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

The aim of this project is to develop a non-invasive in-situ dosimetry for patients undergoing radiotherapy. This is a joint project of DoseVue NV (Belgian Limburg), Aachen University Hospital, the University of Maastricht,  MosaMedix BV (Dutch Limburg); GIGA (Province of Liège), K.U. Leuven and ZU Bruxelles.


iParticles (project volume: € 1,0 Mio.; funding: € 0,25 Mio.)

Emultech BV (Eindhoven region),  Amakem NV (Belgian Limburg), Seps Pharma NV (Belgian Limburg) are working together on this project.


Development of a new micro-ablation technology by means of ultra short laser pulses (project volume: € 0,50 Mio.; funding: € 0,20 Mio.)

Agora BV (Dutch Limburg) cooperates with S&F Systemtechnik GmbH (Aachen region) and CEWAC asbl (Province of Liège) on the development of this innovation ablation technology.


ColdGate (project volume: € 0,58 Mio.; funding: € 0,22 Mio.)

RMONI Wireless (Belgian Limburg) started a partnership with Euroscan (Dutch Limburg) and Develtech (Province of Liège). The aim of this partnership is to allow the tracking of goods` temperatures in the cold supply chain.


SMART-TARGET (project volume: € 0,48 Mio.; funding: € 0,24 Mio.)

SMARTBioLabs NV (Dutch Limburg), Targetome SA (Province of Liège) and University of Leuven are working on this project together, which has the aim of enabling the early diagnosis of cancer.


IXhibit (project volume: € 0,63 Mio.; funding: € 0,23 Mio.)

DualTPharma (Dutch Limburg), SEPS Pharma (Belgian Limburg) and the University Hospital Aachen  are jointly developing a new „dual CAIX inhibitor“ for the therapy of lung cancer.


GLUDGET (project volume: € 0,32 Mio.; funding: € 0,13 Mio.)

NOVACOM Verstärkte Kuntstoffe GmbH (Aachen region) in cooperation with HTMoto (Aachen region), t+h ingema GmbH (Aachen region), LBS-Zijspantechniek (Eindhoven region) and Campus Francor­champs (Province of Liège) aims at developing innovative, cost-efficient GRP-structures for applications in the automotive sector. First concrete product, resulting directly from the project, will be a unique frameless motorbike sidecar.


Euregional Bike Valley (project volume: € 0,34 Mio.; funding: € 0,15 Mio.)

Within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine Race Productions NV (Belgian Limburg) started to cooperate with the ILA GmbH (Aachen region), TRENTO (Dutch Limburg) and Bio Racer (Belgian Limburg) on the integration of the measurement of „particle image velocimetry“ for bikes and bike components in a wind channel.


SPLINTEGRATE (project colume: € 0,64 Mio.; funding: € 0,18 Mio.)

Meotec GmbH & Co. KG (Aachen region) joined forces with Xilloc Medical BV (Dutch Limburg) in order to develop an innovative fusion cage as an intervertebral disc implant, which considerably improves the bone growth in terms of recovery time and stabilization of the defect by joining two innovative approaches (3D complex structure and coating which promotes bone growth).


McElama (project volume: € 0,38 Mio.; funding: € 0,15 Mio.)

The cross-border consortium of Moonen-Wanders Steenhouwerrij BV (Dutch Limburg), NOVACOM Verstärkte Kunststoffe GmbH (Aachen region), Präziform Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Aachen region), Seifert & Skinner & Associates BVBA (Belgian Limburg) cooperates in order to reduce material resources as well as costs for the production of material-intensive CRP-parts for machine tools. By this carbonfibre components shall become even lighter and more accurate.


Fiberpipe (project volume: € 0,84 Mio.; funding: € 0,19 Mio.)

Together with their partner Romar Voss BV (Dutch Limburg), Fiberpipe GFK Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH (Region Aachen) goes for the development and construction of a prototype system to produce premium GRP pipe systems. The consortium will make use of an innovative casting process. This closed process shall allow the production of high-quality premium pipe products in a save, environmentally friendly process at significantly reduced energy costs.


High Tech POLS (project volume: € 0,51 Mio.; funding: € 0,18 Mio.)

Polth Healthcare BV (Dutch Limburg), Pieter Buteneers (Belgian Limburg), OSPP (Dutch Limburg), Innosportlab Tongelreep (Eindhoven region), TASS (Leuven region), Chris Hendrix Sport Analyzing (Eindhoven region), Sander Borgers Design (Eindhoven region) cooperate on the development of a high tech personal oriented lifesign supervision.


EFTEC (project volume: € 0,31 Mio.; funding: € 0,10 Mio.)

Aim of this project is to realize an innovative system, which keeps the local traffic at hot spots, such as huge events, road works in cities or on highly frequented roads as fluently as possible. The mobile system monitors the current traffic situation in real-time and indicates necessary measures (e.g. redirections, tempo limits, warning notes) via mobile LED signs. Project partners are momatec GmbH (Aachen region), Automotive & Rail Innovation Center (ARIC) (Aachen region), GDTech (Province of Liège), Campus Francorchamps (Province of Liège), AutomotiveNL (Eindhoven region), Chudoscnik Sunergia (German speaking Community of Eupen), Zolder Race Track (Belgian Limburg)


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